Capítulo 3 - The Valiant


Chapter III begins with more of Goltana's plotting.

You'll then cut to Ramza in Dorter. The shops have a lot

of new stuff (as weird as it seems, those Cashmere Bags

are *really* powerful, although spendy), plus the Fur Shops

are open -- you can now use the Thief's "Secret Hunt" ability

to poach enemies and get items from them at the Fur Shops.

For additional shopping opportunities, visit one of

the castles (Lionel or Igros). All this stuff is expensive,

so luckily there's a whole slew of new propositions -- at

least one in every town. I recommend spending a while

completing them, buying stuff, and building up your

characters. If you're offered any "contest" Job, take it

right away, because you won't have the chance for very


When you're ready to get on with the game, go to

Goland Coal City. There's a "fight" (using the term

loosely) here where you have to rescue Olan (although I

can't imagine he'd need much rescuing). You might want

to use some of your weaker characters here to build

them up, because this is the easiest fight in the entire

game. After you "save" Olan, you'll chat briefly, and

then Olan will head off to the south (doh!). There's

no new equipment in the Goland shops, so you can probably

just head straight on to Lesalia. There's no fight

when you first get here, just a short chat with Zalbag.

However, as soon as you leave, you'll have to fight

Zalmo. It's a pretty easy battle. Alma then joins up

as a Guest. When you have a chance, de-equip her Healing

Staff, Barette, and Red Shoes.

If you want to complete some propositions, just go

back and forth between Goland and Lesalia until they're

done. Then go down to Dorter. Purchase some new

equipment (if you want to make another stop, Igros and

Goug have new stuff as well), then go to Orbonne Monastery.

Go to the Underground Book Storage (it's the only option

available), where you'll find Simon wounded. He tells you

about Funeral's plot, and Ramza chases after the troops

looking for the Virgo Stone. You'll have a chance to

save your game; don't do it (to avoid being stuck in the

monastery); all you'd have to repeat if you died is that

short scene with Simon. The Formation screen will come

up, then you will go down to the second floor and have a


After beating the second floor, you have a save

opportunity -- save in a separate slot -- and then you

go to the third floor for another battle. Upon winning

it, you have yet another battle, this time with Wiegraf.

Meanwhile, Izlude escapes with Alma captive (and the

Zodiac Stones). Outside, the Aries Stone will take over

Wiegraf and turn him into Velius. Simon will then show

up, give you the Germonik Scriptures, and die.

Back on the map, go to the Brave Story option and

check out your Treasures. Examine the Germonik

Scriptures and press Triangle to read it. After you

read it (takes a while), go to Dorter. A wizard will

demand the Germonik Scriptures and ask if you've read

them. I said yes; I don't know if it matters. The

route to Riovanes Castle will now be open. Go anywhere

(it doesn't matter). You will cut to a scene with

Delita and Ovelia.

After the scene concludes, go into Dorter and

check out the shops, which once again has some new

equipment. Upgrade your stuff, but keep the Holy

Miters for your magic-users, as they raise their MP

significantly. Don't miss the White Robe for your

magic-users; you'll have to scroll down a ways to find

it. Go up to Lesalia, where there is more new stuff

(bows, daggers, and swords). Then continue to Grog

Hill. Smash through here (I actually felt kind of bad

killing those guys off) and you'll meet up with Olan


Your next stop is Yardow Fort City. Here you'll

meet Malak (the guy you met in Dorter) and Rafa. You

have to save Rafa (Malak is on the other side) from the

Riovanes guys. Deploy lots of magic-users; skip the

archers. Malak will teleport away when you defeat him

and you and Rafa will hide... but not for long. Malak,

in the form of a frog, will deliver an ultimatum, then


Before you leave Yardow, stop at the shop and pick

up some Golden Hairpins, which raise both your HP and MP

a lot, and get Rafa a better weapon. Fight through

Yugou Woods and its undead inhabitants, but don't go to

Riovanes Castle just yet. It contains some very

powerful bosses, so you've got to boost your

characters up (I recommend you fight at the Zeklaus

Desert). Make as many Dragoons (Lancers) as you

can. You'll also want the Chemist's Auto-Potion

ability for Ramza. Red Chocobos are also a big help, if

they're at a high level. Finally, go back to Lesalia and

outfit your characters with the best equipment you can get,

and buy lots (30+) of X-Potions. Also, buy some

accessories that increase your move range or speed.

Also, if any of your characters are close to reaching

the requirements to becoming a Ninja, build them up to

a Ninja. This isn't necessary, only useful.

When you think you're ready, save your game, then pay

a visit to Riovanes Castle. You'll see a scene with

Barinten, then have a chance to save -- save in a separate

slot from your main game. You then go to the first of

a series of battles. Equip the Arrow Guard on any

characters that have it. After you defeat everyone

outside the gate, a wounded Knight will crawl out. You'll

then get a chance to save your game. DO NOT SAVE IN

YOUR MAIN SLOT or you will regret it (as you may

have to start again from scratch... doh!). SAVE IN A


Now, make sure you're prepared. You're about face

a Zodiac-charged Wiegraf, and he is rather powerful.

However, if you know what you're doing, he isn't that

hard to beat. Turn Ramza into a Chemist and equip him

with a Mythril Gun, then set his secondary ability to

Guts. Drop all your Potions and Hi-Potions, so that

you will only use X-Potions when you Auto-Potion. Make

the other characters Dragoons. If you want to be

specific, here is I what I had (Philo and Jennie are

just generic characters):

Ramza (Chemist): Guts/Auto-Potion/Equip Armor/Move-HP Up

Philo (Dragoon): Punch Art/Counter/Attack UP/Move-HP Up

Jennie (Dragoon): Item/Speed Save/Concentrate/Move-HP Up

Agrias (Dragoon): Item/Caution/Gained JP Up/Move+1

Mustadio (Dragoon): Item/Auto-Potion/Gained JP Up/Move+1

When you defeat Wiegraf, you'll go to the next

battle, on the roof. Be sure to save the game because

the next battle is even harder. Equip any accessories

that you have to boost speed or move. You have to fight

against Marquis Elmdor and two assassins while protecting

Rafa, who has incredibly bad AI. This is the hardest

battle in the game, in my opinion. It will take extreme

luck to survive, unless you've got a Ninja (in which case

it's a piece of cake). All you have to do is take out one of

the enemies, but are you lucky enough to get a chance to


Anyway, after you (eventually) defeat Elmdor, he

retreats with his two assassins. Rafa will use the

Zodiac Stone to revive Malak, then they will join you

and you get your Zodiac Stones back, along with the

Aries and Pisces stones. Don't worry; it's all

downhill (mostly) from here.