Capítulo 4 - Somebody To Love


--Battle 32: Doguola Pass--

There's not a whole lot to say about this fight, because

it's nothing you haven't seen many times before. Send

one or two characters up to the top of the pass while

your other guys fight the main group of enemies.

--Battle 33: Bervenia Free City--

Deploy fast and/or shooting characters in the second

squad, and fighters in the first squad. Use your thief

(you brought one, right?) to steal the Defender and

Chantage from Melaidoul. Then, as in the most boss

battles, just rush her. Spread your characters out to

avoid taking too much damage from the summon spells.

--Battle 34: Finath River--

When deploying characters, don't put anybody on the

solitary square in the second squad; it's in the middle

of the water. This battle is against nothing but

chocobos (and one pig). Yup, chocobos. It's actually

kind of annoying because the chocobos can keep healing

themselves -- so concentrate on one choc at a time.

The Red Chocobo is the toughest, kill him first (or

invite it into your party; red chocs are good).

However, this really is another no-brainer level, if

a long one.

--Battle 35: Church outside the town--

You'll have Delita as a guest in this battle. He has

most of Agrias' sword techniques, except his are much

more powerful. Without him, this would be a tough

battle, but with him, it's a pushover. Don't

stand between Delita and the enemies or you'll get

hit with his Holy Explosions (and they're *strong*

Holy Explosions). A cool trick to use is to stand

next to the guys that Zalmo is going to cast Cure 3

on (you can find out in the AT list, just click on

Zalmo's name) for free healing.

--Battle 36: Bed Desert--

You start this battle with all your characters

poisoned. If you've got somebody with the Esuna

spell, use it, but don't bring somebody just for

that spell. However, I would bring somebody who

can steal, as Balk has a lot of cool equipment

(Blaze Gun, Flash Hat, Light Robe). Your strategy

here is typical of bosses -- just kill off the head

honcho and leave everybody else. Balk makes it a

little more interesting by retreating to the back of

the battlefield and sniping at you. Try to cast

Slow on him at the start of the fight -- not only

does this reduce his speed (and allow you to catch

up to him), it makes it easier to steal his gun.

Others useful ability here are Counter Magic, as

a powerful mage will be casting spells at you from

a distance, and Move-HP Up (to offset the damage you

take from the poison). Your strategy here really

depends on what Balk does -- one time he ran into the

corner and the other guys came towards me, another

time they all gathered on the ruins and took pot

shots at me. However, once Balk picks a position, he

usually stays there for the duration of the battle.

--Battle 37: South Wall of Bethla Garrison--

Get up on the walls as soon as you can; it's a very

advantageous position. This works especially well

if you've got archers -- station them up there, don't

move (to fill up your CT faster), and just shoot at

the enemies. Leave the magic-users behind (unless

they have Equip Armor or some other such ability)

on this one; they'll get killed easily.

--Battle 37: North Wall of Bethla Garrison--

(strategy provided by Justin McKennon)

If you don't have the Ignore Height movement ability,

you'll have a bad time because of the Summoner on the

ramparts. Give Ignore Height to one or two units and

immediately send them up after the enemy Summoner. A

Ninja, if you have one, can take care of him in the first

two rounds. Send the others over to the 'step' of sorts

to get over the low point of the wall, and start attacking

the Lancers and Archers, and try to either deal with

the lone Monk on the ground quickly, or otherwise save him

for last.

--Battle 38: In front of Bethla Garrison's Sluice--

All you have to do in this level is open the dam, but

since the switches to do so are located on the far side

of the dam and have knights standing on them, you

basically have to kill all the enemies to do so. Split

up your characters and go up the paths. If you have

a dragoon, a fun trick to do is stand under the dam

wall and use jump attacks on the knights. As long as

none of your other characters gets close to them, the

knights won't move and will just sit there while you

jump on them. Once you do kill everybody, let them

decompose and pick up the crystals or treasure chests

(since there's nobody around to hurt you). Also, if

you want some easy JP, just stand around, hit each

other, and heal yourselves. Once you are ready to

end the level, move Ramza onto each of the switches

(the brown squares where the knights were standing)

and stop him there. He will then open it -- only

Ramza can flip the switches (no, that doesn't make a

lot of sense). You then get to watch some really

cool effects as the dam blows up.

--Battle 39: Germinas Peak--

This is the first time you get to use your new

buddy Orlandu. For a good taste of his power, deploy

him in squad 1. Move him up the mountain as far

as he can and then use Night Sword on the ninja

leader. Bang, he's dead. You almost have to feel

sorry for the poor bandits... almost. Heh, heh.

With Night Sword you can kill one whole bad guy

each turn just with Orlandu and also refill Cid's

HP by 270 or so. Besides Orlandu's debut, there isn't

much to speak of in this level besides one little

trick. The archer that starts in the back corner is

carrying an Ultimus Bow, a strong bow. If you have

a thief along, you can steal it (might want to slow or

stop the archer first). If you don't; don't worry,

there's plenty more you can get later.

--Battle 40: Poeskas Lake--

This is a really easy battle. Use Mustadio's Seal Evil

ability and you can gun down all the ghosts in one shot

(note: the Revnants are not considered undead). This

is a good chance to get some weaker characters up. The

only thing really tricky about this level is that the

Revnants will keep coming back to life if you don't

kill all the other guys (which isn't particularly

difficult). Both the archers have Ultimus Bows if

you're in the mood for a little stealing.

--Battle 41: At the gate of Limberry Castle--

This battle looks hard at first, but it's not. All you

have to do is weaken Celia or Lede and the battle will

end. Use Orlandu for an easy win. Other than

Orlandu, try to deploy female character (especially

Agrias) to avoid Celia and Lede's Allure attack.

--Battle 42: Inside of Limberry Castle--

It's just you versus Elmdor, Celia, and Lede. Spread

out your characters as much possible to avoid

Elmdor's Muramasa Draw Out. I hope you are wearing

Angel Rings like I suggested, because otherwise

Celia and Lede will use Stop Bracelet (an 100%-working

death spell on you) -- if you do have the rings,

they'll "only" Stop you. First, let Celia or Lede cast

Ultima on Ramza -- if they start casting it on somebody

else, just move Ramza over to stand by them. When

Ramza gets hit by Ultima (and he must be a Squire), he

will automatically learn it. You will notice the

cursor flick briefly on him, signifying that he's

learned it. Once you've learned Ultima, concentrate

on killing Elmdor (don't kill Celia or Lede; they'll

turn into Ultima Demons). Physical attacks are nearly

useless, but Orlandu's and Agrias's sword techniques

will work great. Also, whenever Celia or Lede starts

casting Ultima, have the targeted character sttand

next to Elmdor so he takes some damage too (100-200).

Note: Elmdor is equipped with the Genji Armor, Helmet,

Shield, and Glove. This is really powerful

equipment, but it's very hard to steal. If you do

decide to try, cast Haste on your thief or Slow

on Elmdor, lower Elmdor's brave as much as possible

(to stop Blade Grasp), get behind Elmdor, and then

steal the Shield first (as it will raise the success

rate on the other items). You could also try using a

Dancer and Slow Dance to lower his speed to 1, then

use Last Dance to reset his CT over and over. I don't

recommend trying to get the Genji gear, but it's there

if you want a challenge.

--Battle 43: Undergrond cemetery of Limberry Castle--

Deploy Mustadio and have him use Seal Evil on the

Knights (don't bother killing the skeletons -- let

them fight with Meliadoul). Attack Zalera with

Lich, Holy Explosion and Orlandu's sword techniques

(especially Night Sword and Crush Punch). Don't

bother healing your characters, just pound on Zarela.

He has about 1100 HP.

--Battle 44: Inside of Igros Castle--

The victory condition for this battle states that you

must defeat "Dycedarg's elder brother". Luckily (as

Dycedarg doesn't HAVE any elder brother), you just have

to defeat Dycedarg instead (I think they meant "defeat

Ramza's elder brother Dycedarg"). This level is really

easy to beat with the right strategy. Just use sword

Agrias's, Orlandu's, and Meliadoul's sword techniques

to hit Dycedrag from down below. Don't bother running

up onto the arch; you can kill Dycedarg in two rounds

(or less) from below. Things will get a bit more

interesting when Dycedarg turns into Adramelk. Start

this battle as you did the last one (using sword

techniques). Adramelk will move, however, rendering

this technique useless. Leave your weakest character

there as a decoy, then send the rest of your team

under the arch and up the stairs. If somebody gets

confused, hit them to unconfuse them. Like all

Lucavi, Adramelk is vulnerable to Lich. He has

1500 HP and is pretty tough -- it might take you a

couple tries to beat him.

--Battle 45: St. Murond Temple--

This battle is noteworthy because it is (I believe)

the only time the enemy has Geomancers. Deploy

Agrias in the second squad. Send the other member

of the second squad up after the Mediators (give this

person Finger Guard, if she/he has it), while Agrias

uses a Holy Explosion down the side of the church to

hit the Geomancers. Send the first squad up the steps

towards the Summoner and Priest. Those two are the most

annoying opponents, so use your best attacks on them

(Orlandu can each of them in one hit). The Summoner has

a Dragon Rod you can steal (the only one in the game

except by poaching; you should try to get it).

--Battle 46: Hall of St. Murond Temple--

All you have to do here is weaken one of the three

and they all will retreat. Attack Kletian,

'cause he's the weakest. Rofel and Vormav have an

annoying habit of breaking your equipment, so finish

this up as fast as possible.

--Battle 47: Chapel of St. Murond Temple--

Unlike most boss battles, you should kill off the

flunkies (in this case, the demons) first. The

demons are actually more powerful than Zalbag,

especially the Archaic Demons (the Ultima Demon

has some really cool-looking spells, though, like

Almagest and Nanoflare). Zalbag has Move-HP Up,

but you can nullify this with Don't Move. He

will also Blood Suck your characters; cure this

Holy Water. A weird thing that happened to me

when I played this level was that Zalbag Blood

Sucked Orlandu, and then Blood Sucked him a

second time, causing Zalbag himself to become

Blood Sucked and thus keeping him from using Move-HP

Up. However, I can't guarantee that this will

happen, as it seemed like a glitch to me. Worker 8

is useful in this battle as he is immune to Blood

Suck (I think) and has a very long range.

--Battle 48: Underground Book Storage Fourth Floor--

Your first priority is to kill off the guys down

on the floor on the other side of the room,

especially the monks. The archer has Yoichi's Bow

(even stronger than the Ultimus Bow), if you have a

thief along. Use Holy Explosion and Earth Slash to

blast the knights as they come across the narrow bridge.

Mighty Sword techniques (Meliadoul and Orlandu) are also

useful against all the enemies here. This isn't a

particularly hard battle.

--Battle 49: Underground Book Storage Fifth Floor--

Now it gets interesting. Deploy lots of characters

with range attacks for this battle. First of all,

the black spots on the floor are holes -- this may

seem obvious to you, but I didn't realize it at

first. Unlike most bosses, you should try to kill

the other guys (especially the Summoners) before you

take on Rofel. If you have Hellstar Punch, use it

on Rofel -- it will break his Save The Queen sword

and thus remove his Shell spell. I've also heard of

the strategy of removing all your armor so Rofel can't

use his breaking attacks, but this seems like it would

do more harm than good. I haven't tried it, so I

can't really say.

--Battle 50: Murond Death City--

Put your fast characters (or long-range guys like

Worker 8) in the second squad. Kletian has

really strong spells and a range of the whole

battlefield. Go back to the old rush-the-boss

routine. Kill any guys you can, but concentrate

on taking on Kletian. If somebody dies, don't try

to revive them, as Kletian will just kill them

again. Try to use as few attacks to kill Kletian

as possible, as he gains magic power each time you

hit him. If you have any MP-draining abilities (like

Orlandu's Dark Sword), simply use them on Kletian

and drain away all his MP.

--Battle 51: Lost Sacred Precincts--

Deply ONLY characters with strong long range attacks.

Squad 2 is almost useless, don't put your good

characters there. If you cross over to Balk's side of

the arena, his monsters will tear you to shreds, so

don't do it unless you can finish Balk off with your

attack. This level is basically a big firefight

between you and Balk. If you have good range

attackers (cough cough ORLANDU cough cough), you

should be able to beat him without too much trouble.

--Battle 52: Graveyard of Airships--

Hashmalum has some powerful spells, but you have

an ace up your sleeve... can you guess what it is?

No, not Orlandu... Worker 8! He's immune to magic!

With Worker 8 and Orlandu blasting at him (and Lich

if you have it), you shouldn't have too much trouble

killing Hashmalum. He only has 1200 HP. You will

receive the Ragnarok sword when you win the battle.

--Battle 53: Graveyard of Airships--

Be sure to deploy your best characters for this, the

final battle. If you have Beowulf, USE HIM. His Drain

attack does a *lot* of damage to Ajora's second form.

Lich is extremely effective as well. Note that Alma will

fight on your side in this battle. However, all she will

do is cast Mbarrier, get killed, come back to life (because

Mbarrier includes Regen), and repeat. Just ignore her and

leave her as a target. You should also ignore the Ultima

Demons, pests though they may be. It only takes about 1300

points of damage to defeat Ajora's first form, but if it

teleports to the other side of the ship, you're toast. You

then take on the second form. This one has a whopping

3000 HP, but is actually easier, because there aren't

any Ultima Demons around. Altima will teleport back and

forth; if you can't hit it, stay to the middle of the

ship as it will move again on its next turn. Once you

defeat Ajora's second form, you win the game.