Capítulo 4 - Somebody to love


Chapter IV begins in Zeltennia Castle in a scene

with Orlandu and Olan. Then you're back on the world

map (haven't seen that for a while, huh?)

Ramza has a new appearance, as well as a new ability

(Scream), so be sure to learn it. You'll note that

Squire does not appear as a Mastered job -- that's

because Ramza is missing the Ultima spell, which you'll

have a chance to get later on. Be sure to change back

to your normal jobs if you're still altered from the

Wiegraf fight.

While you're still at Riovanes, you can do a bit

of equipment upgrading (stick with the Aegis Shields,

though; they're good against magic). There's also a

number of propositions you can take in the various

towns, but most of them aren't worth the time they take

(and you sometimes LOSE money on them), so don't bother.

Go up to the pass near Lesalia. This is a

routine battle against some Nanten Knights. Whip

through here and continue on to Bervenia Free City.

Before you enter the town, equip the Maintenance ability

on everybody who was it, and give Arrow Guard to the

people who don't. Also, I strongly recommend you have

a thief along. In Bervenia, you'll encounter -- and

fight -- Izlude's sister Meliadoul, accompanied by

some ninjas. Meliadoul will teleport away when you

defeat her.

Bervenia's shops don't have anything new, so

move on to the Finath River. After beating that, you

can finally get to Zeltennia Castle. Ramza will go

to the church, where he'll meet Delita again. Delita

explains more of the church's plan. Zalmo then

shows up, and it's fight time (did you really think

you could go somewhere without one?). With Delita's

help, it's pathetically easy (I told you the game was

going to get easier, didn't I?). After the battle,

you'll meet with Balmafula, then Delita will leave


Strangely, the shops *still* don't have anything

new. Restock your items (you'll need lots of X-Potions),

then go to the Bed Desert, south of Bervenia. Here you'll

encounter another Shrine Knight, Balk, in a tough battle.

This is one the last difficult encounters of the game,

as pretty soon you... well, you'll see.

After beating Balk (it'll probably take you a few

tries), go to the Bethla Garrison. You'll have a choice

as to whether to go to the south or north wall. Each

is a different battle. I find that the south wall is

easier. Whichever way you go, you'll end up at the

floodgate. Save your game in a different slot, then

continue. You have a really cool battle in which you

have to open the dam and flood the garrison. It's good

for raising JP. After blowing up the dam, you, Olan,

and Balmafula will rescue Orlandu. ORLANDU THEN JOINS

YOU! YAHOO!! If you just heard a giant sucking sound,

it was all the challenge going down to Mexico (er, unless

you live in Mexico, then it all went to Zimbabwe).

Orlandu is ridiculously powerful, and once you have him,

nobody in the game has a chance against you. He has

all of Agrias's, Gafgarion's, and Meliadoul's sword

techniques, plus a full set of Crystal equipment and

the Excalibur. He can also use every type of sword

(katana, knight sword, etc.) To put it simply, he is

hell on wheels.

Delita then offs Prince Goltana and frames Cid

(Orlandu). A cutscene pops up instructing you to go

to Limberry and rescue Alma. A handy new path opens

up between Bethla and Zirekile Falls.

Go back up to Bervenia, because -- get this -- the

stores actually have new equipment! It's only a bit

of armor, but, hey, at least it's something! Keep the

Golden Hairpin for your magic-users, though, as it

raises MP quite a bit. In addition, Zeltennia has

even more new equipment, and it's a lot of good stuff!

Will the wonders never cease? Be sure to stop in

for an upgrade.

At your next stop, Zarghidas Trade City, you'll

run into a familiar face... it's Aerith! Buy a

flower from her, then head into town (yup, there's

no fight). There's a couple of propositions and yet

more new equipment, which leads me to wonder why the

first chunk of the chapter was completely dry. Square's

equipment designer must have called in sick that day

or something. Before you leave, buy five Angel Rings

(if you already have some, just buy however many you

need to get five) or you will regret it.

Pop on down to Germinas Peak, where you'll have a

run-in with some bandits. With Orlandu in your party,

this battle is a breeze. After the battle (before you

continue on), you may want to get into a random battle

at Germinas Peak with the Move-Find Item ability

equipped (make sure the character that has it has a

low Brave). Save first, though. Move to the very top of

the peak and you should find the Vanish Mantle, a mantle

that makes you invisible... you might get a Potion

instead, though, if you do, reset.

After Germinas Peak, you'll go to Poeskas Lake.

This is another undead scenario, but it's really easy.

You then see a scene with Dycedarg, after which you

can go to Limberry Castle.

The first battle at Limberry Castle is the gate

(isn't it always?). This is really easy. You'll then

see a scene with Elmdor (who bears an uncanny

resemblance to Sephiroth). Before you continue, save

in a separate slot. Then you need to make a few

prepartions. Turn Ramza into a Squire (yes, a squire),

and equip Angel Rings on all the characters you plan

to use.

Elmdor says "it's payback time for all the disgrace

from Riovanes Castle", and I have to completely

agree. It took me 14 tries to beat the roof, and at

this point I wanted revenge very badly. Unfortunately,

he won't go down without another very difficult fight.

Celia and Lede have 100% working death spells, and you

only have a 10% chance of hitting Elmdor (he has Blade Grasp).

Oh yeah, and Elmdor has a never-failing teleport

(Teleport 2). It just ain't fair.

After defeating Elmdor in the throne room, you'll

go down the basement for yet another battle against him,

this time with him transformed into a Zodiac monster

(don't you love the transformation effects?). Meliadoul

will help you out here. Thankfully, he isn't all that

hard. After you defeat him, you'll get the Sagittarius

Zodiac Stone, and Meliadoul joins you.

Limberry Castle is now a normal town, so you can

go to the bar and shop (although there's nothing new at

the shop -- we're back in the old routine again). When

you try to leave, you'll see some long scenes. Now

take a look at map. You'll note Igros Castle has turned

red. Hike all the way back there (I wish there was an

airship in this game), but stop at Gariland on the way

and buy Jade Armlets for the coming battle.

At Igros, Ramza will open the gate, and then you'll

line up for a fight (yay, no gate battle). Deploy

Agrias, Orlandu, and Meliadoul. You'll have an easy

battle against Dycedarg to save Zalbag. When he is

killed, Dycedarg will turn into Adramelk and zap

Zalbag. You then fight a continuation of the first

battle against Adramelk. When killed, he will yield

the Capricorn Zodiac Stone.

Now that you've defeated Adramelk, you can undertake

a long subquest to get Cloud from FF7 in your party

(and three other characters in the process). For the

walkthrough on this quest, see the Cloud Subquest

section of the walkthrough, below. It's optional,

but there's no real reason not to do it, as you get

some cool characters (Cloud does not fall into this


When you want to get on with the game, go to Murond

Holy Place, south of Gariland. Stop into Gariland

on the way to buy some Thief Hats, and stock up on

supplies (and buy some Holy Water, you'll actually

need it for once). At Murond, you'll be treated to

a series of battles, beginning outside the church

(not that hard), and progressing inside, where you'll

face off against Vormav, Rofel, and Kletian. Vormav

will teleport away after you beat on them for a while.

If any of your equipment got broken in the last battle,

you'll need to replace it -- strip the gear from somebody

you're not going to be using.

You'll then go to the chapel, where you'll fight a

possessed Zalbag, an Ultima Demon, and two Archaic

Demons. This is a fairly difficult battle. After

you defeat Zalbag, you will meet up with a dying

Funeral. Funeral tells you that Vormav is going to

Orbonne Monastery, then dies.

Back on the map, a handy route between Murond and

Goug Machine City has opened up. If you're still

planning to do the Cloud quest, this makes it

quicker, so do it now. In fact, if you're going to

do anything now, do it. Once you go to Orbonne

Monastery, you're locked into the game's final series

of battles. Also, if you're interested, the Deep

Dungeon is now accessible. I haven't done the Deep

Dungeon section of the walkthrough yet, but it'll be

in the next version.

Before you go to Orbonne, make sure you're

ready. Your characters should be at least level

40. Equip yourself with all your best abilities,

and change to your best jobs. Earning JP doesn't

matter now. Actually, the last sequence of battles

isn't all that difficult, just long.

The first battle at Orbonne is against some

generic enemies -- an easy battle. Save your game in

a separate slot as always, then equip Jump+x abilities

and/or Fly on anybody that has them for the next

battle. You'll now face a string of four battles

against Zodiac Braves. First up is Rofel. After you

defeat him, he'll suck you through a portal to Murond

Death City (apparently of no relation to Murond Holy

Place), then destroy the way back. Return your

abilities to normal.

Your next opponent is Kletian. After that, you'll

face Balk (brought back to life by the Zodiac Stones).

After that, you'll head to the Graveyard of Airships,

which is really just a single airship, and a rather

odd location for a final battle (although it does bear

an uncanny resemblance to Soul Edge's stage in

SoulBlade -- coindence or "inspiration"?). Vormav

will use the Leo Stone to transform him into a giant

lion, Hashmalum. Defeat him and you'll get the

Ragnarok sword. St. Ajora will then appear.

You now have one last chance to save your game.

Do so, and also equip the Ragnarok sword. Another

Alma will somehow appear (I have no clue why).

Ajora summons four Ultima Demons in response, then

transforms into Altima (isn't that a kind of car?)

Alma will join you as a guest for the final battle,

against the Generic Angel Boss (TM). After pounding

on Altima for a while, Altima will (of course)

reveal his/her/its (?) true form, a skeletony-type

of angel (the resemblance to SoulBlade is unmistakable

now, even the music sounds like Cervantes' music).

Thankfully, the Ultima Demons disappear for this

phase of the battle.

When you defeat Altima's second form, it will

blow up (nice special effects). This Game Is Complete!

You then get to watch a nifty CG ending (although

Olan's name is spelled wrong). Leave the game on

after the credits for an additional scene. But if

you haven't beaten the Deep Dungeon, you're not done

yet! Skip down to the Deep Dungeon section for info

on it.