Cloud Subquest


--Cloud Battle 1: Colliery underground third floor--

For some reason, you are being attacked by a large band

of chemists (and this doesn't really look very

"underground", does it?). There really isn't any

particular strategy here. Calculators are good here

though, as they can hit the far-away chemists with

Calculated spells. It's helpful if you can paralyze

some of the chemists (although Beowulf will often do

that for you -- just stay out of his way). And having

fast characters helps.

--Cloud Battle 2: Colliery underground second floor--

This level is a lot like the previous, except all but

one of the chemists are replaced by two thieves and

two behemoths (the second behemoth is hiding in the

cubby-hole behind the thief near your start position).

The only noteworthy thing here is that the chemist is

carrying a Blaze Gun (which shoots ice... don't ask);

try to steal it from him.

--Cloud Battle 3: Colliery underground first floor--

This time, you're fighting two chemists, two Blue

Dragons, and a dancing pig (huh?). Just ignore the

pig; it can't do any harm. The Blue Dragons, however,

can, and will, do harm. Use fire attacks on them,

and do NOT use ice attacks. Agrias's and Cid's

sword techniques are your best offense on them (as


--Cloud Battle 4: Underground passage in Goland--

Kill the Plagues first; they will petrify or death

sentence you if given the chance (they're weak

against ice). If the enemies get lined up in the

narrow passage, use Earth Slash or Holy Explosion

on them. After taking out the Plagues, go after

Sinogue (Reis should take care of the Molbol-type

enemies). Make sure to keep Reis healed. Sinogue

uses Giga Flare a lot, which isn't nearly as

powerful as it looks (although it does do a number

on the frame rate ^_^). He doesn't have very

much HP, so you might be able to kill him with

one shot with Orlandu. This battle isn't as tough as

it looks (a rarity in this game).

--Cloud Battle 5: Nelveska Temple--

This battle, however, is tougher than it looks. The

enemies hit hard and hit fast. You just have to hit

harder than them. Attack on the Hydras with your

first attack and you should be able to kill off one.

You will then be swarmed by the Cockatrices; kill

them next. Finish off the other Hydra next, then

go after Worker 7. His attacks are really strong

so watch out, and he can't be harmed by magic.

When you kill him the first time, he'll come back with

1 HP, so kill him again. The battle should be

interesting, but not too hard. However, there are

a bunch of hidden items you can find on this stage,

so you may want to pick them up as you can't come back

here after defeating Worker 7. On top of the two

pillars where the Hydras start (you need a jump of 7,

or you can use Worker 8 as a stepping stone), you'll find

the best spear and shield. They're called the Javelin and

Escutcheon, but they're really totally different items.

You'll need a LOW Brave to get them, however, or you'll

just end up with a regular Javelin and Escutcheon.

Also, on the pillars in the back of the level, you'll

find the Sasuke Knife katana and Nagrarock sword.

--Cloud Battle 6: Zarghidas Trade City--

If you can't win this battle, you shouldn't be playing

the game. Just make sure Cloud stays healthy.

Meliadoul's Mighty Sword techniques are useful here.