Cloud Subquest


You can get Cloud any time after you defeat

Adramelk. Note that you MUST have Mustadio still

around, so don't dismiss him or let him get killed!

To start the quest, go to Goug Machine City, where

Besrodio (Mustadio's father) will show you a

steel ball he's found (if you've already seen this

scene, you don't need to repeat it). You must have

Mustadio alive to do this quest!

Now go to Goland Coal City, in the center of the

map. At the bar in Goland, listen to the rumors "Ghosts

of Colliery." You will be asked to fight a monster in

the coal mines. Leave the bar. Nothing will happen at

first, but go to Lesalia. Ramza will go into the bar

and learn more about the coal mine job. He agrees to

take it. On the way out, Beowulf will stop you and ask

you to take him with you. Agree and he joins you (as

a Guest).

You'll note that Goland Coal City has turned red.

First, go back into Lesalia and buy Beowulf some better

equipment. Then equip Yin-Yang Magic as Beo's second

ability (he already has a bunch of Yin-Yang spells

learned). Then return to Goland, where you'll be

forced into entering the Colliery Mines. You have to

fight through three floors before you reach the sewers,

where the Holy Dragon Reis is being attacked by some

demons. You have to save her. Reis and Beowulf then

join you, and you get the Aquarius Zodiac Stone.

The quest continues... return to Goug. Cloud will

put in the Aquarius stone in the steel ball, which

transforms into Worker 8. A comical scene will follow,

then Worker 8 joins you. On the way out of town, you'll

get another scene in which Besrodio puts together

another device that also requires a Zodiac Stone.

Now go to Zeltennia Castle (yup, all the way up

there). Go to the bar and listen to the "Cursed

Island" rumor. This will open up a new path on your

map to Nelveska Temple. Buy some Softs before you

leave town for the coming battle. Now find a character

with a high Jump ability and equip them with Move-Find

Item; you'll need it. Go to Nelveska and you'll be

attacked by Worker 7*new. After Worker 7*new goes down,

you'll get his power source: the Cancer Zodiac Stone.

When you try to leave Nelveska Island, Beowulf

will use the Cancer stone to restore the dragon Reis to

her normal human form. She will then re-join your

party, keeping all her dragon abilities (and getting

many new ones). Strangely, even in human form, she

can't use equipment.

Hike all the way back to Goug. Besrodio will

power up the weathervane with the Cancer Stone and

it will.... summon Cloud. Cloud, in typical Cloud

fashion, will refuse to let you introduce yourselves

and run off in pursuit of Sephiroth (why couldn't

they have summoned somebody cool like Rufus or Red


NOW you have to go all the way to Zarghidas

Trade City (I bet you're getting real sick of those

random battles, huh?). Remember when you met Aerith

here earlier? Well, she's back, and this time she's

being accosted by some thieves. Cloud comes to save

her, but has another one of his schizophrenic

breakdowns. You have to save him from the thieves.

Afterwards, Clod... er, Cloud will join you.

You're still not totally finished with this quest.

In order for Cloud to be able to use his limit attacks,

you need to find his Materia Blade. Equip the Move-Find

Item ability on somebody and go to Bervenia Volcano.

Get into a random battle there. During the battle,

move your Move-Finder to the very tippy-top of the

volcano, where you'll discover the Materia Blade. Then

finish the battle.

Equipping Cloud with the Materia Blade allows

him to do Limit attacks. However, Cloud really isn't

all that great a character. His Limit Breaks take a

long time to charge, and he starts at level 1. But you

did get some cool other characters (Beowulf and Worker