Deep Dungeon


--Level 1: NOGIAS--

Because you start out on the top, you can use lots of

ranged attacks on your opponents. They're early-game

guys, anyway, so they shouldn't be that difficult.

It's a good warm-up for the tougher Deep Dungeon battles,

though. Remember, if you kill all the enemies without

finding the exit, you'll have to redo it (which is

okay if you're in danger of losing).


--Level 2: TERMINATE--

This level is a head-on confrontation between you and

your opponents, although you still have a bit of a

height advantage. The enemy's forces are usually

comprised of Archers, Ahrimans, and Skeletons, so

you'll need your own strong range attackers (or the

Arrow Guard ability), particularly Worker 8. Take

out the archers first, then go after the Ahrimans,

and finally the Skeletons. If you fight mages or

Ghosts instead, it's a much easier battle. Both

groups of enemies are significantly more difficult

than NOGIAS, however.


--Level 3: DELTA--

Delta is really easy! All you need is some range

attackers (Mustadio, Worker 8) and you're set. The

level is made up of three islands surrounded by pits.

From your starting point, you can hit almost all of

the enemies with guns. Since they have to navigate

around the pits, you can just stand there and blast

away, waiting out your moves. Bring along a good

close-range fighter (like Orlandu) as well.


--Level 4: VALKYRIES--

This level is really big, which makes finding the exit

even more of a pain than usual. Like Delta, it's got

a lot of holes in the floor. Also like Delta, there

are usually two groups of four enemies. Use the same

strategies you used in Delta and you should be fine.

Sometimes you'll fight large groups of Molbols here

instead; in that case, you can probably nail them with

wide-range attacks (Lightning Stab works well) as

they tend to bunch up.


--Level 5: MLAPAN--

It sounds stupid but Mlapan is tough! It's basically

a King of the Hill level. You're up on top of a

cliff, which is surrounded by loads of enemies.

There's only one path up onto your ledge, which winds

around the whole level. What you want to do is hold

the pass in one of the corners of the level -- it's

the one that's only one or two blocks wide. You

can just send Holy Explosions down this corridor and

rip the enemies. If you have both Agrias and Orlandu

you can cover the entire pass. The worst enemies are

the Priests as they will keep healing / reviving the

other guys, so kill them first. Don't try to shoot the

enemies from up on top of the mountain; I've tried it

but it doesn't work at all. This level is tougher

than it; you'll really want Orlandu here. With all

the carnage going on, finding the exit can be tough.

Try using a Dragoon with Ignore Height and jumping down

to the far end of the path right away.


--Level 6: TIGER--

Tiger seems really small at first, but scroll around to

see the whole picture. It's a mostly flat level with

three big rock ridges. Use a long range attack to get

a feel for where they are. You'll have to wind your

way through the ridges to get across the level, but a

much better strategy is to just cast magic through them.

Lightning Stab and call spells work great for this

purpose. Note that all the hidden items are right

in the starting corner -- there's no excuse not to

pick them up.


--Level 7: BRIDGE--

Bridge is a flat level with a big rock ridge through

the middle (the bridge, I guess). You start off next

to one of the ends of the ridge. Cross the level the

long way and fight off anybody there, using the height

to your advantage. Don't let your characters get

spread out or you are dead meat. There's no real need

to climb up onto the top of the ridge except to find

the items stashed up there (be sure to have a high

Jump height). This can be a tough battle (especially

given that you have to find the exit), so it make take

you a few tries. If you fight any monsters called

Sacred, poach them for the best spear in the game.


--Level 8: VOYAGE--

This level is basically a cliff with two levels; you

start on the high one. You'll either fight a small

group of humans (and possibly low-level monsters), or

some really powerful monsters (Behemoths, Dragons,

Hydras). Against the latter, just try to survive --

use call spells, Holy Explosion, and Break. Don't go

out of your way to find stuff, although go for it if

you can. Fighting the humans will give you a chance to

find the exit and the items. Be sure to check all the

humans to see if they have the Move-Find Item ability;

if they do, put Don't Move on them or kill them right

away to prevent them from picking up the items before

you (and, yes, I've seen that happen -- I reset when it

did). If the enemies (of any time) appear below you,

don't try to shoot down on them -- walk the long way

around the battlefield. Depending on who you fight,

Voyage can be a tough battle or a pushover.


--Level 9: HORROR--

"Horror" is not an accurate name for this level. It

has two pillars (with a tiny one in between) and a

lower level, and is usually swarming with ninjas and

samurai. They don't have a lot of HP and are easy to

take out. Kill the ninjas first; they're the ones that

can throw stuff. Be aware that enemies like to hide

between the pillars where they are difficult to see;

don't forget about them. Sometimes, however, instead

of the ninja and samurai convention, you get dragons

and cockatrices. Then it's tougher. Try to stay in

a tight group on the pillars and use your best

attacks. Attack the cockatrices first, then go for

the dragons closest to you. Finding the exit in this

level is tricky; equip Ignore Height to get in more

easily. If you don't have it, you can reach the lower

level from the lowest point of the plateau where

the Maximillian armor is located. Two of the items are

down there as well.


--Level 10: END--

This level is just a confrontation with Elidibs and a

whole pile of Apandas. Big Hint #1: The purple Apanda

behind you, Byblos, is on your side. Don't kill him;

he's your friend. Fight your way up the stairs (Lightning

Stab works wonders on the Apandas). Bring a Mediator and

use Solution constantly to lower your faith. The

Apandas aren't hard to kill, so you'll reach Elidibs

quickly. He casts the extremely powerful Zodiac call

spell (700+ damage). If he starts charing something up,

it's Zodiac -- get out of the way if you can! Split your

guys up so he can't take out too many at one time. Healing

is pointless because he will kill you no matter how much

HP you have (Byblos will also take care of some of the

healing). Do, however, revive dead characters, and pick

up the crystals left by the dead Apandas to restore your

HP and MP (especially if you used MP Switch to escape

Zodiac). Angel Rings are a big help in this battle. If

you're using Beowulf, DON'T heal him so his Shock does more

damage. If you are trying to learn Zodiac, don't do too much

damage to Elidibs until you get the spell so you won't kill him

on accident. Elidibs has 2600-2700 HP; if you can

keep Orlandu alive you shouldn't have too much trouble

beating him.

A note about the items on this level: Yes, there are items

(contrary to what I had stated in previous versions).

However, there are no traps over the items -- if you

don't have Move-Find, you won't see a thing. That's

why I thought there weren't any. Oh, and DON'T try to

get the items during the battle with Elidibs -- come back

after you beat him.