Deep Dungeon


The Deep Dungeon is a dungeon (gosh!) with ten

floors (each a separate battle), each packed with really

powerful equipment. It's completely optional, and in

fact is more difficult than the actual end of the game.

You can only access the Deep Dungeon after you

beat Murond Holy Place. Then go to Warjilis Trade

City. When you arrive, you'll automatically see a

scene in the bar in which Ramza overhears a rumor

about the Deep Dungeon. When you leave town, a route

will automatically pop up to the tiny island to the

east, which contains the Deep Dungeon.

The Deep Dungeon has ten floors, all with fruity

names like TERMINATE or MLAPAN (and for even more

weirdness, press Select on each floor's name) that

for some reason all pertain to the movie Apocalypse

Now (MLAPAN and NOGIAS are Napalm and Saigon spelled


To make things challenging, the Deep Dungeon is

completely dark. You can see your guys and the enemies,

but you can't see the terrain. Crystals left by dead

guys will light up much of the area, but there's

another way to see. Just choose an attack with a really

long range like a gun attack, Beowulf's Shock, Worker 8's

Dispose, or best of all, Teleport (as this lights up the

*whole* map). This will highlight most of the panels on

the battlefield, and you can study the terrain (you don't

even have to use the attack, just select it). Since you

can do this every round, you shouldn't have too much

trouble seeing what you're doing.

Oh, and not only do you have to beat the

enemies on each level, but you have to find the exit

to open up the next level (if you kill all the enemies

without finding the exit, you'll just back to the

map screen and have to replay the level). The exit's

location is RANDOM; it's different every time.

However, it usually on the enemy's side of the

battlefield, and often in a corner. The best way to

find the exit is to use Beowulf's Chicken spell to

turn one of the enemies into a Chicken. It will

stay Chicken-ified for quite a while, and you can

just recast the spell when it's close to wearing off

(it lasts until the enemy gets back to 10 Brave).

But wait! There's more! Each level contains a

number of cool items. You can only get these by using

the Move-Find Item ability. Also, you have to have

a LOW Brave level, or else you will get Phoenix Downs

instead. Rafa has a really low Brave level, and

Beowulf's is pretty low as well. You can also

artifically lower your Brave level by using the

Mediator's Threaten ability, or the Oracle's Foxbird

spell. I recommend giving your item-finder Germinas

Boots to increase their move and jump range.

For exact item locations, see each level's battle

strategy. In order to use these locations properly,

you have to rotate the camera so that your characters

are facing down and to the left at the start of the

battle. Then (0, 0) is the lower left corner (the

first number is horizontal and the second vertical).

Whew! I think that's all the instruction you

need. Now head on in! The first floor, Nogias, is

just kind of practice, but you can get some good guns

in it. Then you go to Terminate, which is similar to

Nogias. Be sure to pick up the Save The Queen sword

on this level; I recommend giving it to Agrias. The

Blood Sword is on this floor as well, but isn't all that


The third floor, Delta, is easier than the first

two. It contains two great pieces of equipment: the

Yoichi Bow and the Mace of Zeus. The Elixirs aren't

really necessary to collect; you can do fine without

them. On Valkyrie, you get lots of good stuff: the

Faith Rod (great rod!), Kaiser Plate, and the Fairy

Harp (if you don't have a Bard, you can skip it).

The Deep Dungeon gets tough again on the oddly-

named level 5, Mlapan. Be sure to come prepared.

Mlapan contains another Excalibur sword (be sure to

get this one!), which is good for Beowulf. It also

has the best ninja sword, the Iga Knife -- but

morning stars are stronger, so it's not really


Next stop is Tiger. You can pick up the Blast

Gun, the best gun, here. The other items -- Secret

Clothes, the Cursed Ring, and an Elixir -- aren't

that great but they're nearby, so pick them up.

Floor seven is Bridge; be sure to bring somebody

with the Secret Hunt (poaching) skill. The items

here aren't very good: a Sage Staff (not as good

as the Mace of Zeus) and the Koga Knife (not as

good as the Iga Knife or a Morning Star).

By now, you're getting near the bottom, and the

difficulty level is rising again. However, the

next floor, Voyage, contains some really useful

stuff: the Ragnarok sword (not really as good as

Excalibur as it doesn't cast Haste), Robe of Lords

(a GREAT robe), and the best bow, the Perseus Bow.

The final normal floor is Horror. It holds the

game's best armor -- the Maximillian, Grand Helmet,

and Venetian Shield. You want this stuff.

There's only one level left after this,

appropriately named End. Before you go in, make

sure you have a Mediator with the ability Solution.

If you want to learn the game's best call spell,

Zodiac, you'll have to deploy your best Summoner

(and they must be in Summoner form). Equip him/her

with the Time Mage ability MP Switch.

When you enter End, you'll meet some weird old

guy named Elidibs, who will turn himself into a

Lucavi. You'll be accompanied in this battle by the

Byblos (its name varies), a purple Apanda. After

defeating Elidibs (and hopefully learning Zodiac

from him), you'll get the 13th (!) Zodiac Stone,

Serpentarius. Byblos will then join your party as

a normal character. He's okay.

Congratulations! You've beat the Deep Dungeon!

There's a few more things to do. Go back into End

after you defeat Elidibs, and bring an item-finder.

On the top level (where Elidibs was), there are

four items: two Elixirs, the Chirjiraden (the best

samurai sword), and the Chaos Blade. The Chaos

Blade is the best weapon in the game; it has a

whopping 40 attack points, automatically Regens

you, and petrified enemies! And, yes, I was wrong

in previous versions about there being no items


If you're into poaching, sometimes you'll find a

bunch of Uribos and Porkies on End. They're

pathetically easy to kill, but poach them and you'll

get nifty stuff.

Another thing to do once you've beat Elidibs is

to go back into End and bring Reis along. Use her

Dragon Tame to recruit one of the Tiamats (if there

aren't any, just try again). They're THE best monster

in the game, and they're almost as strong as (if not

stronger than) Orlandu!

Still haven't had enough? Okay, equip all your

characters with Catch and go to Horror. The Ninjas

here will throw a variety of nice weapons at you,

which you can then obtain. If you're at a high

enough level, you can even get Chaos Blades!