Dicas Adicionais


Esta parte constará de dicas que eu irei inserir ao longo do tempo, de acordo com a minha experiência de jogo. Envie também você sua dica adicional que ela será bem-vinda. Clique aqui para enviá-la.



If you push Triangle while the enemies are moving, the

game will pause after the current enemy stops moving.

You can check out the status of everybody. When you're

done, just click on any character and choose End to



Normally, you can't shoot enemies close to you with a

bow, but all you have to do is target a square in a

straight line behind the enemy you want to hit (there

doesn't even have to be anybody in the square). You'll

end up hitting the enemy in front of you.


You can use Worker 8 as a stepping stone to reach high

places -- another character can move onto his head as it

were a normal panel, and move from there to somewhere else.

You can't END your move on top of Worker 8, but you can

use him for a mid-move boost. In addition, molbols and

hydras can be used the same way... even enemy ones!


This is NOT an item duplication trick. It only lets

lets you buy weapons you couldn't normally buy, and only

certain ones. To do it:

1) Equip the Two Swords ability on a character

2) Equip the weapon you want to duplicate in your LEFT

hand (second slot).

3) Equip a shield in your RIGHT hand.

4) Go to a shop. Note that the weapon you're duplicating

MUST be stronger than anything you can buy at the shop.

5) Choose fitting room, then go to the character with

the weapon you're duplicating. Choose Best Fit. You

will note that the weapon has moved to your top hand.

Choose okay

6) Go to your inventory. You'll note that you have an

extra copy of the weapon! (one being equipped, and one



This is REALLY weird, and I cannot guarantee that it will

happen to you. But here's what happened to me. I was

just goofing off at Germinas Peak and got into a seemly

routine random battle against some Chemists and Mediators.

Then I noticed one of the Chemists was turned to stone

(at the start of the battle), which was a little weird.

I checked his statsd and he was equipped with a "Stone

Gun". By first using a Remedy on him to de-stone him,

I was able to steal the Stone Gun. It's a gun with

medium attack strength, but if you equip it, you become

petrified. If you de-petrify the character with an

item or spell, you can fight normally, but the gun does

not do anything particularly special (it doesn't

petrify enemies, as I had hoped). I have no idea what

caused the guy to have the Stone Gun (it's probably

random), nor whether it can happen at other places

besides Germinas Peak, but I wouldn't waste your time

trying to get the gun as it's not any good. You can

also get it by poaching a Dark Behemoth.


The amount of bonus gil you receive at the end of the

battle seems to be the combined level of the enemies

times 100.


During a thunderstorm, lightning spells do 120%

normal damage and fire spells do 80% normal damage

(unless the caster has Any Weather).


Annoyed by long charge times for Raise spells? Well,

who says you can't start charging the spell before

the target dies? If somebody's low on life and you

know they're going to die, start charging up a Raise

or (preferably) a Raise 2. And if they fail to die

for a Raise 2, kill them! (why waste the spell?)