Job Requirements: Monk lv. 3

Weapons: Sword, axe

Armor: Shield, hat, clothes, robe




Pitfall * 5/2 150 Damage, causes Don't Move

Water Ball 5/2 150 Water damage, causes Frog

Hell Ivy * 5/2 150 Damage, causes Stop

Carve Model * 5/2 150 Damage, causes Petrify

Local Quake 5/2 150 Earth damage, causes Confusion

Kamaitachi * 5/2 150 Wind damage, causes Don't Act

Demon Fire * 5/2 150 Fire damage, causes Sleep

Quicksand 5/2 150 Water damage, causes Death Sntnce

Sand Storm 5/2 150 Wind damage, causes Darkness

Blizzard 5/2 150 Ice damage, causes Silence

Gusty Wind 5/2 150 Wind damage, causes Slow

Lava Ball 5/2 150 Fire damage, instant death


Counter Flood 300 Counter phys. atks. w/ Elemental


Attack UP * 400 Raises physical damage


Any Ground 220 Move at same speed on rough terrain

Move on Lava 150 Can move on lava

JP to master: 2870

Evaluation: A lot of people pass off Geomancers as weak magic users, but they fail to realize that Geomancers are also good fighters -- they can equip swords and axes, and use shields. They also have the Attack UP ability, which is really useful. Coupled with the status-affecting powers of their Nature attack, they're good in the middle of the game. After that, they rapidly become less useful, as geomancy does relatively less and less damage.


Geomancy Chart

Pitfall: Natural Surface, Wasteland, Road

Water Ball: Waterway, River, Lake, Sea, Waterfall

Hell Ivy: Grassland, Thicket, Water Planet, Ivy

Carve Model: Gravel, Stone Floor, Stone Wall, Mud Wall, Tombstone

Local Quake: Rocky Cliff, Lava Rocks

Kamaitachi: Book, Tree, Brick, Bridge, Furniture, Iron Plate, Moss, Coffin

Demon Fire: Wooden Floor, Rug, Box, Stairs, Deck

Quicksand: Swamp, Marsh, Poisoned Marsh

Sand Storm: Sand Area, Stalactite, Salt

Blizzard: Snow, Ice

Gusty Wind: Roof, Sky, Chimney

Lava Ball: Lava, Machine