Zodiac Stones


Aries -- Get when you beat Wiegraf in Riovanes Castle.

Taurus -- In Mustadio's possession; you get it after

the battle in Goug Machine City. Re-obtained

in Riovanes Castle.

Gemini -- Received after defeating Elmdor.

Cancer -- Received after defeating Worker 7. [optional]

Libra -- T.G. Cid (Orlandu) has it, get it when he joins

Scorpio -- Received after you defeat Draclau. Re-obtained

in Riovanes Castle.

Sagittarius -- Meliadoul has it, get it when she joins.

Capricorn -- Obtained after killing Adramelk.

Aquarius -- Given by Beowulf when he joins. [optional]

Pisces -- Received from Izlude in Riovanes Castle.

Leo -- You never get this one, Vormav has it.

Virgo -- See above.

Serpentarius -- Receive after you defeat Elidibs in the

Deep Dungeon. [optional]