2000 Years Ago:
-An endless time loop begins when Garland, a knight from the present, enters into a deal with the four Fiends to become the demon king Chaos. He sends the Fiends 2000 years into the future to wreak havoc. When they are finally defeated in the present, he uses their power to become Chaos. The Light Warriors from the present finally travel back in time to the Temple of Fiends to vanquish Chaos and disrupt the time loop.
-The sages at Crescent Lake foresee four Light Warriors who will free the world from the destruction of the Fiends.

200 Years Ago:
-The four Fiends: Lich, Kary, Kraken, and Tiamat, begin wreaking havoc on the world. Lich causes the ground near the town of Melmond to brown away and wither. Kraken and Tiamat cause the confinement and eventually, almost extinction of the race of Lefein. Tiamat takes over the Lefeinish Floating Castle, which they used to live in.

Some Time Ago:
-The town of Pravoka is overtaken by Bikke and his pirate gang.
-Astos, the Dark Elf, steals the crystal of the witch Matoya and causes the prince of the Elves to become grievously ill. However, he somehow loses his Crown in the Cave of Marsh.

-Princess Sara, daughter of the king of Coneria, is captured by Garland and taken to his castle (formerly the Temple of Fiends). She is rescued by the four Light Warriors who show up out of nowhere, each holding an Orb. The Orbs correspond to the four Elementals, and all have lost their shine.
-In thanks, the king builds a bridge to the east to allow the Light Warriors to continue their quest.
-The Light Warriors defeat the pirate Bikke, who gives them his ship in thanks for not cutting his head off.
-Deceived by Astos (who poses as a human king), the Light Warriors retrieve the Crown from the Cave of Marsh. Upon returning it to Astos, he betrays them and reveals his true form. However, the Light Warriors turn on him and slay him.
-The Light Warriors take the Crystal, hoarded by Astos, back to Matoya. In exchange, Matoya gives them a herb to cure the Elven prince with.
-Upon delivering the herb, the Elven prince gives the Light Warriors a magical key which can unlock any door. They use this to obtain TNT held inside Coneria Castle.
-They deliver the TNT to a dwarf named Nerrick, who builds a canal to the west.
-The Light Warriors arrive in Melmond and see the carnage caused by Lich. They head into the Earth Cave and defeat a vampire living in its depths, but arrive at an impasse when the staircase to descend further is blocked off.
-They deliver the Ruby they find in the cave to a Titan, who allows them passage to Sage Sarda. Sarda offers them a magical Rod which can open the passageway downward. They follow the cave to its furthest depths to meet Lich and defeat him. The Earth Orb shines again.
-Lukahn, a Sage in the town of Crescent Lake, gives the Light Warriors a Canoe to reach the Gurgu Volcano. They plumb its depths and defeat Kary, the Fire Fiend, restoring another Orb.
-The Light Warriors retrive the Floater Stone from the Ice Cave and use it to resurrect the ancient Airship, allowing them full reign of the world's geography.
-The Light Warriors buy a Bottle from a desert merchant and use it to trap a fairy in the town of Onrac. The fairy gives them Oxyale, which allows them to breathe underwater. Thus fortified, they tackle the Sea Shrine. They find a Rosetta Stone, a clue for the Lefeinish language, which has long been lost. They also find the Water Fiend, Kraken, and defeat him to restore the third Orb.
-Dr. Unne in Melmond uses the Slab to teach the Light Warriors the language of the Lefeinish. They travel to the sole remaining Lefeinish town to discover the attempt of Tiamat to destroy them. They are given a Chime with which to enter the Mirage Tower, which in turn leads to the Floating Castle.
-The Light Warriors travel to a waterfall cave, where a robot, programmed by the Lefeinish, provides them with a Cube which allows them access to the Floating Tower. They travel there, using the Chime and Cube, and defeat Tiamat, restoring the last Orb.
-2000 years in the past, Garland uses the power of the defeated Fiends to become the demon king Chaos.
-The Light Warriors, on the advice of the Crescent Lake Sages, use the time teleporter in the Temple of Fiends to travel back in time 2000 years, when they finally defeat Chaos.

Side Quests
-The dragons on Cardia Island, led by King Bahamut, put the Light Warriors through a test. They enter the Castle of Ordeal and bring back a Rat's Tail. Their skills are greatly enhanced by the dragon king.