---- [ Figher - > Knight ] ----

The Fighter is strong and powerful, he can pretty much equip any metallic weapon and armor in the game. Once he becomes a Knight he can use low level white magic(1-3), which becomes incredibly useful outside of battles.


---- [ Theif - > Ninja ] ----

The theif is a quick and agile character and will evade more attacks than anyone else. The theif isn't superiorly strong like the Fighter, but once he becomes a Ninja, his attack power is increased significantly and he can

begin to use low level black magic.


---- [ Black Belt - > Master ] ----

A pretty strong fighter, he's pretty much a bargin in terms of gold and such because he can stand his ground pretty well without the use of armor and gold. Once he levels up to the Master...he comes very reliable, but also

very lethal.


---- [ Red Mage - > Red Wizard ] ----

The most versatile player in the game. The Red Mage/Wizard has more attack power then the other mages but less power than the Fighter or Black Belt, but it can use more higher level black and white magics but not all the

spells. The Red Mage is a mix of everything.


---- [ White Mage - > White Wizard ] ----

Weak fighter but a strong magic user...he'll be able to use higher level spells as he advances to a Wizard.


---- [ Black Mage - > Black Wizard ] ----

Weak fighter, strong offensive magic user. He'll be able to use higher level spells as he is promoted.